November 16, 2023



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We need to hear from our readers

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The Cyber Express-Record

Digital reproductions of the mailed pages of The Superior Express and Jewell County Record newspapers are organized by date of publication. Click the link below:


The Superior Express, Jewell County Record and Nuckolls Co. Locomotive Gazette, 16 November 2023

The Superior Express and Jewell Co Record Complete Editions Pages

To visit The Superior Express archive of back issues maintained by Smalltown Papers please select this link:

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This is the link to video taken by The Express Staff and friends which we suspect may be of interest to our readers. The most recent posts are near the top of the list. If you let the video continue after it ends, others will play automatically.

We need to hear from our readers

We need to hear from our internet readers. This portion of our website hasn't been regularly updated for about two months. When the decision was made to stop updating, we thought few people were reading it. Our Cyber Express link found on this page is popular. If we are late in getting the Cyber Express posted, we hear about it. This page went several weeks without being updated and we didn't hear a thing. Then in more recent days people have been asking "Why aren't you updating the web page?"

The Cyber Express contains everything the web page has an more. So why update the web page? If you find it useful, please tell us how and why you use it. Emails may be sent to

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Cyber Express Subscriptions


For several years now we have been providing free access to the Cyber Express. It has become more popular than we ever dreamed and for some readers it has replaced their mail subscription. That is good and bad news. We save on printing and mailing costs when you read on line and while we miss the subscription income the savings of production costs helps to offset the lost income. What is bad is that we can't count our online readers as subscribers unless they pay something for the subscription. To count an online subscriber, we are told we must receive at least half the price of a mail subscription. That is $14.00. We can only count a subscriber once so print subscribers do not need to pay for an online subscription. At this time we are not restricting free access to the online edition but if you are reading it and find it enjoyable and helpful, we would sure appreciate receiving a payment of $14 so we can count you as a subscriber.

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Content Ideas Wanted

We are looking for suggestions as to content for our web pages. What would you like to see on the pages? Perhaps something other than what is in the print edition but what?

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Follow Our Facebook Pages


We have a love-hate feeling toward Facebook. It provides a way for us to more personally communicate withour readers and a quick way to send out updates on breaking news. But we hate the way Facebook limits who can see our posts. We invite you to follow our Facebook posts. We are listed both as The Superior Express and as the Jewell County Record and our publisher, Bill Blauvelt, also has a page where he sometimes places old photos readers find interesting.