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Country Connections Success Stories

We regularly receive letters from satisfied subscribers telling what Country Connections means to them. The following letters are a sample of the hundreds of letters we have received. Because we never reveal a subscriber's name or address, we are only printing first names, but the actual letters are in our files. In some instances we have considered a letter to fit the space available here.

Dear Country Connections:

I just want to say, "Thank you and keep up the good work." Harold and I met through your great publication last March. After several trips between Colorado and Nebraska, lots of telephone calls and high phone bills, we were married in August. Thanks again and tell the other subsribers to keep on writing and answering those letters. There really is somebody out there.

Harold and Peg

Dear Ann:

I would also like to thank you and your co-workers at Country Connections for the great service you are doing in helping people make new friends. Many of us would never have had the opportunity to make these friends were it not for the outstanding work you are doing.

Donald, Wisconsin


I just want to say thank you for having this type of publication. It really feels great to get all the letters in the mail, although you always have your own circle of friends. It is fun to hear that someone wants to meet you.



Just a note to explain I met a wonderful man through your newsletter. We plan to marry in the fall. Without your newsletter, we never would have met. Larry lives about 150 miles from here. I was somewhat skeptical when I first subscribed, but can honestly tell anyone who is interested, this is the finest singles' newsletter on the market. All the men I met were sincere and had many of the same values and interests I have.

Mavis, Minnesota

Dear Country Connections:

The thought of writing this letter had been dancing in my head for a year. My husband, Dave, a farmer and rancher, was a subscriber several years ago. I was a subscriber for about one year. After reviewing the packet of back issues sent when I first subscribed, I wrote to two men. David was one of the two.

We casually corresponded for several months before agreeing to meet in Denver for a Neil Diamond concert. It took time and money from both of us to make that happen. Meanwhile we began emailing and talking on the telephone.

Our first nose-to-nose meeting was on safe and neutral turf; my cousin's home.

He flew east to see me once and I flew west to see him twice. Long distance relationships force one to be patient and learn what the other person is truly like. You have taken the fun date and sex out of the mix. All of the diversions are absent--what a golden opportunity to know that person. Both of us had failed marriages. We knew what was important.

I would like to offer the following insights that proved helpful to us and might prove helpful to others:

1) When describing yourself for the profile, determine what is truly important to you. We would hever have met had we set strict boundaries for ourselves, such as age, weight and height. David is 6'6" and I am 5'2" and seven years older. Yet each of us was adamant about finding a nonsmoker. It might be helpful to brainstorm a list of qualities and characteristics describing yourself and a prospective mate and then highlight those that are vital. Every quality you list in your description further restricts your search. Put the rest away for later.

2) Be willing to take risks. Not wild and crazy, but a stretch of your comfort zone. Be safe, be cautious, but be willing to spend time and money to pursue what might make you happy.

3) Honor your gut feelings for they are usually an excellent barometer.

David and I continue to learn about one another and work on issues as they arise. We believe every relationship is a "work in progress." We're so thankful to Country Connections for providing the avenue for us to have found one another.


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