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Who May Subscribe

Subscriptions are available to sincere, caring responsible people seeking to develop real communications and honest relationships with people of the oppositie gender. The newsletter is published for those who believe in the traditional American concept of marriage. The publishers strongly discourage from subscribing those who only wish to meet others for sexual reasons.

While many of the subscribers live on a farm or in a small town, subscriptions are not limited to farmers. Subscribers come from all vocations and from all parts of the United States-the smallest farms and villages to the largest cities. The common denominator is a love for the country and the traditional country values.

Subscription Rates

The annual subscription rate for the Country Connections Newsletter is $50. This includes publication of your personal profile, distribution of your profile for one year and two years of the newsletter. You may include a picture with your profile for an additional $7 (approximately one-half of our subscribers now do so).

Checks may be made payable to either Country Connections or Country Publishers.

Payment may also be made via either Mastercard, Visa or Discover Card by calling and speaking to one of our staff who will process your order and credit card information.

Call today and speak to one of our staff members to make a credit card payment by phone.

Mail your payment by check Or pay with Paypal Using the Menu Below


After payment, remember to complete your profile information using the download and edit or print profile form on our profile information page.

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PO Box 408 Superior, NE 68978 | (402)879-3293 | Email: