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Love Connection Pairs Singles
(Condensed from the Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star

The love connection played to a rural tune, continues to boom in this small eastern Nebraska town (Superior) near the Kansas border.

Country Connections caters to single farmers and has a thick testimonial file of letters that tell of marriage and romance.

Country Connections subscriber Joe (39) is not a farmer but lives in a small town. "I'm not desperately seeking a wife," Cockson said, "I joined it to meet more people that I might usually meet. Living in a small community like I do, there is not nearly the opportunity to meet people on a daily basis. In my hometown there are a lot of bachelors and not a lot of single women."

Country Connections is a clean cut, no-smut newsletter. The bulk of the monthly profiles pain the pictdure of wholesome singles. Many attend church, most say they seldom drink and all seem to enjoy quiet evenings at home. Jim said he collects oil lamps and Bibles.

Annie said she is "tired of going out with guys who don't know which side is up on a cow."

The newsletter edits out anything racy. "We don't like sleaze. We want it done tastefully. It is not a sexual thing we are after," explained the publisher, Bill Blauvelt.

Because many fear being contacted by "kooks" the newsletter is confidential. It circulates only to subscribers and never publishes the subscribers' last names, addresses or telephone numbers. Subscribers are identified by number and first names. With the number letters are forwarded through the publisher's office.

"You can kind of feel the person out before you meet them," Cokson said.

The experience has left subscriber Mollie Simpson, 36, with an enhanced ego. Simpson said she received about 60 letters after her profile and picture was published.

Divorced, Simpson has not had much dating experience and freared the statistics that claimed single people in their 30s were more or less doomed to a single life.

But now, after all the letters, Simpson is in no rush to marry. "If there are that many possibilities out there, I am not going to settle for second best," she said.

The profiles are screened for content and if a subscriber is caught lying, his or her subscription can be canceled.

 Well Known Publication Receives Publicity

The Country Connections Newsletter has been featured in newspapers around the world, in many magazines (including Farm Journal and Life) on television programs (including CBS Evening News) and radio programs (National Public Radio and Paul Harvey).

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