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The Way For Country People to Meet Since 1986
The Country Connections office is located in a small Nebraska community of fewer than 2,500 people. The owners are experienced, respected business owners who are members of the Singles Press Association, Nebraska Press Association, National News Association, Kansas Press Association and Superior Chamber of Commerce. Their principal business is the operation of a small-town printing company and local newspaper. They have chosen to publish the Country Connections Newsletter because they want to help rural people meet compatible friends.

 Who May Subscribe

Subscriptions are available to sincere, caring responsible people seeking to develop real communications and honest relationships with people of the oppositie gender. The newsletter is published for those who believe in the traditional American concept of marriage. The publishers strongly discourage from subscribing those who only wish to meet others for sexual reasons.

While many of the subscribers live on a farm or in a small town, subscriptions are not limited to farmers. Subscribers come from all vocations and from all parts of the United States-the smallest farms and villages to the largest cities. The common denominator is a love for the country and the traditional country values.

 Identity Protected

Subscribers do not need to worry about their identity being revealed or their mailbox filled with junk mail.

The Country Connections Newsletter never publishes or reveals a subscriber's complete name, telephone number or address.

Subscribers are identified in the newsletter by first name, state of residence and a seven-digit identification number.

Subscribers decide if and when to reveal their identity and address.

 Letter Writing Key

Letter writing plays a key part in the Country Connections' plan for making new friends.

Subscribers are encouraged to read through each monthly issue and select the profiles of subscribers they would like to get acquainted with. Once the profiles are selected, personal letters should be written and sent to the Country Connections office for forwarding.

The Country Connections subscription fee also includes the right to have your personal voice profile placed on our audiotext system. Our audiotext system employs computer technology to reproduce a subscriber's spoken introduction in their very own words. Subscribers may also leave messages for one another.

  Orders Processed With Care

After a Country Connections subscription order is accepted, our staff goes to work immediately. The day the order is received a packet of at least 12 prior monthly copies of the newsletter is prepared and mailed. In a few days the new subscriber has this valuable resource.

The back issues provide a ready source of hundreds of profiles which the new subscriber can review. Intersting profiles can be selected and letters written. Each issue of the newsletter contains an update on subscribers who have asked to be placed on the inactive list. Country Connections will forward a subscriber's mail for as long as a current address is on file.

The back issues also provide a reference source so subscribers can review the published profiles of the people who write to them.

Immediately upon receipt of a subscription order, Country Connections staff members assign subscriber identification numbers, mail the back issues and begin preparing the subscriber's personal profile for inclusion in the next newsletter. A copy of their completed profile is sent to each subscriber after it is printed.

All newsletters are typset, printed and mailed in our plant. As a subscription order moves through our office and printing plant, a minimum of 12 people will be involved in the processing. Newsletters are prepared after the end of the month the newsletter is dated.

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