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A Chronology
May 19, 1871 William Louden, age 22, arrived at a site on the Kansas side of the Republican River at the homestead of S. E. Wilson. He chose a site for his home on the north side of the river.
Ulysses Grant was the 18th President of the United States.
Victoria, queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was in the 34th year of her 63 year reign.
July, 1871 Louden returned to his home in Illinois for supplies.
August, 1871 Louden and friend Louis Crabil set out on their journey to Nebraska. They stopped in Beatrice to file their land claims.
Sept. 15, 1871 Louden and Crabil established their camp on the banks of Lost Creek, so named by Louden because it seemed to keep losing it’s way as it meandered to the Republican River.
Fall, 1872 Louden built the first log cabin with the help of Kansas neighbors. The four Franks; Frank Crabil, Frank Brokaw, Frank Wilson and Frank Schmeling each laid a corner of the cabin. It would be Superior’s first home, Post Office and store.
Oct. 23, 1872 Louden was appointed first postmaster at a salary of $12 per year.
1873 The first schoolhouse was built near the Crabil home so it could be protected from Indians and prairie fires. Miss Ensign, a young woman who had come west for her health, was hired as the teacher.
1873 A great blizzard struck.
1873-74 The Howe Truss bridge was completed across the Republican River from Jewell County. Turkeys and hogs were driven across the bridge and through Superior streets on their way to Edgar, the nearest railhead.
August, 1874 The Grasshopper Invasion chased a number of settlers from the area.
1875 Louden and Crabil erected the first building within the current city limits. It was a frame building. It served as the town Post Office and grocery store. Later that year they sold the store to Alex Hunter and the building became a general merchandise store.
1875 A two-story frame schoolhouse was built where the South Ward school now stands. Mr. Bailey was hired as the second teacher. Eventually he and Miss Ensign married.
1876 The first Sunday School, for all denominations, started in the frame schoolhouse.
1877 Mrs. Aseneth Trumbull bought a relinquishment to the Louden property. Her sons John and George were born in the cabin in 1882 and 1884, respectively.
Also that year Asher Beal and A. C. McCorkle arrived and established a second general merchandise store. Sidney Timmerman built a frame hotel.
1878 Superior’s first doctor, A. E. Beresford, arrived.
Fall, 1878 The Brodstone family moved to Superior. Three years later, Hans Brodstone died, leaving his wife to care for two small children, one of whom was Evelene.
Aug. 4, 1879 Superior was incorporated with A. C. (Andy) McCorkle as mayor and M. L. Fogel as city clerk.
1880 The first railroad (Burlington Northern) came to Superior. By 1890, four other railroads had come to town.
1880 Caesar Schaer constructed the Union Hotel, Superior’s first brick building. Subsequently, most of the commercial buildings were constructed from brick. The hotel was reported to be the first west of the Missouri River to have lavatories in each room.
March 29, 1884 A group of women met at the Bloom home and organized the Ladies Library Association. Since then, Superior has had one of the finest small town libraries in the state.
Aug. 1, 1884 The first graduating class of three students received diplomas from Principal A. J. Shears.
1887 A typhoid epidemic swept the community causing a number of deaths.
1888 Another great blizzard struck with loss of several lives.
April 1, 1889 The Superior Fire Department was granted a charter by the State of Nebraska. It was originally known as the Guthrie Brothers Hose Company Number 2. There were 35 members. The only apparatus available was a cart and ladders.
circa 1890 Mr. Wilson built a round house on Bloom Street. He believed a tornado could not destroy it if there were no corners.
1895 David Guthrie returned from Iowa State College and introduced football to Superior High School. The first school colors were blue and black, which was later changed to crimson and blue, and still later to red and white.
Jan. 1900 The Superior Express was established by C. E. Dedrick.
Jan. 1901 Queen Victoria died at her home on the Isle of Wight at the age of 81.
Sept. 1901 The Girl’s High School Athletic Association was formed, and a basketball team was organized. In their first game they achieved a victory over Nelson.
Sept. 25, 1919 The American Legion St. Mihiel Post was organized. Many area veterans of World War I took part in the Battle of St. Mihiel.
Spring, 1920 The first school newspaper, the Coo Coo, was published. The name was later changed to the Flashlight.
Aug. 1, 1924 Evelene Brodstone married Lord Vestey, becoming Lady Vestey and changing the spelling of her name to Evelyn.
1927 Lewis Brodstone and Lady Vestey provided money for the Brodstone Memorial Hospital. On Jan. 1, 1928 the hospital opened to the public.
1933-34 The worst drought on record occurred. Most livestock perished. What was saved survived on a crop of Russian Thistles used as ensilage. Great cracks opened up in the ground and the soil became loose and grainy.
March 15, 1935 The first great dust storm struck, followed by another a few days later.
May 31 and
June 1, 2 and 3, 1935
The lowlands along the Republican River began to flood. It was the worst flood in the known history of the Republican River Valley.
June 10, 1936 Construction of the Superior City Auditorium began, funded by a grant from the Public Works Administration. Soon after it’s completion, it became a hot dance spot and entertainment center for South Central Nebraska.
July 24, 1941 Lady Vestey was buried at Evergreen Cemetery.
1951 The Crest Theatre was built by Commonwealth Theatres, Inc. of Kansas City. It seated 700.
1960 KRFS Radio went on the air.
Sept. 29, 1963 The Good Samaritan Center was dedicated. The home’s first residents had moved in on Sept. 1.
1975 Residents celebrated "100 Years of Superior Living."


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